The Trophy Saga is pure science-fiction in the classic style, revealing the future at a pivotal time in mankind's history. It tells the story of the continuing struggle to prevent the extinction of the human race.

Imagine an Earth restored to perfection under the care of ten women Guardians, who answer only to a governing computer, CENTRAL. Picture a colonized Solar System reaching for the stars.

This is what the New Victorian Empire has accomplished in the 475 years of its existence. Now mankind faces extinction because of a genetic mutation caused by the catastrophic collapse of Earth’s environment in 2065 A.D., the year the Empire began. The Keyhole anomaly, a wormhole in space, offers a solution: time-travel to transport genetically sound humans from the past.

TROPHY (Book One)
Who is Louis Franelli? Who is Galen Bestmarke? Why are they fleeing the New Victorian Empire? What part does Lt. Janet Rogerton play in saving Martin and Panther?

Who needs to be rescued? What is the Freedom Movement and why do they want control of the Keyhole? Who is Izax? Why does CENTRAL try to eliminate Martin and Panther?

Who is Dr. Eng and why does she escape through the Keyhole?Who are the Mongol Pilots? What is the special assignment that CENTRAL gives to Lt. Janet Rogerton? What is the Decision? Why does it matter?

Read the three exciting books of The Trophy Saga to find out.